Mayor Phillips sitting at board table in city hall

David Phillips, Sr.                   

The Mayor is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village and serves as the President for the Board of Trustee's. The Office of the Mayor is elected for a four-year term. The Mayor appoints all department heads, treasurer, clerk, and collector. 

Contact Information:

Phone: (217) 477-0800

E-mail: [email protected] 


One of America's most powerful and influential small town mayors, David Phillips has served over 20 years with Tilton. Phillips has served 4 terms as Tilton's mayor and currently working on his 5th. Dave has had several roles at the Village of Tilton besides sitting in the mayors seat. Phillips was named Fire Chief for Tilton on May 1, 1985. He was only 27 years old, and the third-generation Tilton Fire Chief in the Phillips family. Dave stated, "I guess it is in my blood." Phillips' father, Harry, was fire chief for 15-20 years and his grandfather, Earl Phillips, was and earlier Tilton Fire Chief. Along with serving on the fire Department, Phillips was part of the Tilton Police Department, and started his career at the Village Public works at age 16. It is safe to say this mayor has a true passion for his town. Phillips' grew up in Tilton with his four brothers. Phillips' married Rhonda Pratt on April 18, 1980, and they started their family. They have five children , two boys (Greg and DJ) and three girls (Courtney, Kayla, and Katie). Greg and DJ , both followed in their father footsteps. Greg was a former police officer for Tilton and a retired lieutenant for the Fire Department. DJ was a former lieutenant on the fire department.

While in office Dave has made some major changes to the village. His current project is updating Herschel Lake. This project includes putting in new boat docks, and adding a splash park. He has reconstructed Illinois Route 1 historically closing 14th Streets on and off ramps and creating what is now called Ramp Road. This brought a new intersection too Illinois Route 1 allowing safer access to 14th Street and opening up opportunities for land development.