Economic Development

Tilton has a proud history, built with hard work, strong family ties and the spirit of everyone who
has lived in Tilton. Tilton was first platted in 1854 as the town of Bryant. The town was also
called the "Town of Carbon", until 1858 when The Chicago Carbon Coal Company finally gave
the Village its current title as the "Town of Tilton”. It is said that the name Tilton came from a Mr.
Charles Tilton, a friend of Abraham Lincoln, who worked for the railroad.

Tilton began as a mining village in 1855 and later became a large railroad terminal. By 1905,
these enterprises were lost, but Tilton has continued to strive and today has almost 3000
residents and continues to be a center of activity for business growth, while maintaining the
small town lifestyle that so many residents have become accustom to.

2012 Population Estimates
The Village of Tilton itself had a population of about 2,800 according to the 2010 Census. 2012
estimates show that within a 10 mile radius of the Village lives a population of approximately
63,637. Within 20 miles, the population takes in a larger number of metropolitan areas and
encompasses almost 92,500 individuals. Expanding to a 30 mile radius, the population jumps to
over 175,000. 2017 population projections show stable population levels for the region.

The Village of Tilton is in Vermilion County in eastern Illinois. Tilton is considered to be part of
the Danville, Illinois Metropolitan Statistical Area and is located on the eastern border of Illinois
about 10 miles from Indiana. It lies about 150 miles south of Chicago and just over 30 miles east
of the University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign. Crossing into Indiana, the city of Indianapolis
is less than 100 miles east.

Major Highways
Tilton enjoys exceptional access to major roadways. Interstate Highway 74 runs directly through
Tilton and is classified as the second busiest interchange in IDOT District 5. Traffic counts
throughout the communities roadways are very high; Ross Lane – 18,500 cars per day;
Georgetown Road at Big R – 25,000 cars per day; Interstate 74 at exit – 32,000 cars per day.

Mayor/ Board of Trustees

The Village has a scenic local park and an extensive network of multi-use trails throughout the

Lowest Tax Rates in the Region
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Skilled Workforce
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Development Area
There are several undeveloped parcels within Tilton that are very attractive development
properties due to their proximity to Interstate 74 and the high traffic counts of roadways
throughout the community. These properties also have lucrative incentive options available to
them. See Map – “Development Area”

In addition to Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Tilton has an Enterprise Zone that offers
incentives to help in the attraction and retention of new and current businesses.

Tilton is part of the Danville CUSD No. 118. Within this school district is Danville High School,
North Ridge Middle School and South View Middle School, as well as 8 different elementary
schools. Tilton also benefits from having several highly rated universities including the
University of Illinois located within its region.