Village Treasurer

The City Treasurer of the Village of Tilton is appointed by the Mayor. The duties of the office are governed by Illinois State Statutes and Tilton City Council Ordinances.

Major Duties

  • The Office of Village Treasurer receives all funds on a daily basis, distributes appropriate receipts, and deposits such monies in the designated financial institution.

  • The Village Treasurer ensures that all available City cash is deposited and invested, and that bank accounts are reconciled on a monthly basis.

  • The Village Treasurer is responsible for publishing the Annual Treasurer's Report, listing yearly receipts and disbursements.

The City Treasurer's Reports include

  • Treasurer's Monthly Report of all Receipts and Disbursements

  • Treasurer's Annual Report of all Receipts and Disbursements

  • FY Budget & Amendments


Treasurer Report December 2020 Download