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Company Name Earl Gaudio & Son, Inc.
Website gaudiodistributing.com
Street-Physical 1803 Georgetown Road
City Tilton
State IL
Zip Code 61833
Contact Name 1 Dennis Gaudio
Title 1 CEO
Phone 1 217-709-1325
Fax 1 217-442-0677
E-mail 1 dtg3312@aol.com
Contact Name 2 Kasey Gaudio Antonini
Title 2 Administrative Assistant
Phone 2 217-709-1328
Fax 2 217-442-0677
E-mail 2 KAntonini@gaudiodist.com
Phone-Emergency After Hours 217-709-1325
Brief Description Anheuser-Busch Distributor since 1904 and in Vermilion County since 1956. We also handle product lines from Nestle, Tradewinds, Arizona Ice Tea. Sodas include Faygo, Dads, Boylan, Goose Island. Monster, Clone and Realtree Energy drinks. Various ice creams and assorted distilled spirits. We also handle different Illinois and Missouri wines including Blue Sky, Von Jakob, Alto and Crown Valley.
Season 1 Start Date January 1
Season 1 End Date December 31
Monday 1 6:30 am.-5:30 pm
Tuesday 1 6:30 am.-5:30 pm
Wednesday 1 6:30 am.-5:30 pm
Thursday 1 6:30 am.-5:30 pm
Friday 1 6:30 am.-5:30pm
Saturday 1  
Sunday 1  
Season 2 Start Date  
Season 2 End Date  
Monday 2  
Tuesday 2  
Wednesday 2  
Thursday 2  
Friday 2  
Saturday 2  
Sunday 2  
Sales/Display(B) 9,000 sq. feet
Storage(B) 60,000 sq. feet
Total(B) 69,000 square feet
Employees 25-50
Business History This Company was founded in 1956 by Earl and Bruna Gaudio. They were located from 1956 to 1960 on South Street in Danville, across from what is now the Friendly Tavern. In 1960 they built a warehouse at 2400 Georgetown Road or what is now Rahn Equipment. From there they built a new facility at 1644 Georgetown Road in 1980 where International Green House is currently located. They expanded that in 1990 and again in 2004 before moving to our current location. The business is now run by Eric Gaudio, the fourth generation involved since it was initially started in 1904 in Benld, Il. by Jack Gaudio.