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Company Name PhotoSTEEL
Website photosteel.com
Street-Physical 301 Mayfield St
Street-Mailing 301 Mayfield St
City Tilton
State IL
Zip Code 61833
Contact Name 1 Joe Davis
Title 1 President
Phone 1 217-443-5347
Fax 1 217-443-5368
E-mail 1 joe@photosteel.com
Contact Name 2  
Title 2  
Phone 2  
Fax 2  
E-mail 2  
Phone-Emergency After Hours  
Brief Description PhotoSTEEL For Your Memories- Imagine a photo processing technology where any picture you wish can be indelibly memorialized in a virtually indestructible steel substrate. It can be done without sacrificing detail or color. What's more, it can be done in any size or shape imaginable giving it a lifelike three dimensional quality not found in conventional photo processing. And the finished product, made from heavy fourteen gauge steel, has a substantial and rich feel that will continue to impress for years to come!
Season 1 Start Date  
Season 1 End Date  
Monday 1 8am - 4pm
Tuesday 1 8am - 4pm
Wednesday 1 8am - 4pm
Thursday 1 8am - 4pm
Friday 1 8am - 4pm
Saturday 1 by appt
Sunday 1  
Season 2 Start Date  
Season 2 End Date  
Monday 2 8am - 4pm
Tuesday 2 8am - 4pm
Wednesday 2 8am - 4pm
Thursday 2 8am - 4pm
Friday 2 8am - 4pm
Saturday 2 by appt
Sunday 2  
Employees 1-5
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