Interstate 74 that runs right through Tilton has the 2nd busiest interchange in IDOT District 5

Songer Cemetery

Maintained by the Village of Tilton

- Grave space $400 including perpetual care
- Lots 4 grave spaces $1200 including perpetual care
- Village will hold 2 grave spaces adjoining 2 purchased spaces for 6 months
- Opening & closing $700 per space
- Opening & closing $400 per space for Babies
- Opening & closing $400 per space Cremains
- Opening & Closing Weekends Additional $200
- No Openings on Major Holidays
- Cremains must be In Urn and cremation vault
- Checks for opening & closing must be made separately to Village of Tilton
- All grave openings & closings must be done by Village Contractor
- Village of Tilton must be notified of any change of ownership
of any grave spaces so our chart and books can be updated.

Rules For Cemetery Decorations

1. Artificial flowers only in approved containers or hanging baskets allowed, except winter evergreen blankets, saddles and wreaths are allowed after all signs of grass growth and leaf removal is complete before installation.

2. Seasonal arrangements only allowed.

3. Decorations must be changed with the seasons and disposed of at end of each season.

4. All decorations must be in line with monuments and next to concrete monument base, with exception of decorations for winter and 3 days prior to Memorial Day and 7 days following. (Cemetery Personnel will remove after 7 days. Same applies to Veterans flags)

5. No urns or shepherd hooks allowed on grave site other than next to monument base as close as possible. (1 hook per monument)
(2 urns per monument)

6. Urns must be inverted before Oct. 1st to avoid freezing and cracking open and must be on concrete pad to avoid urns settling in the ground.

7. All shepherd hooks must be removed between Oct. 1st & Mar.1st unless they are put back up for winter decoration. (All empty hooks will be removed by Cemetery Personnel and stacked in Cemetery for parties to pick up theirs when they need them to allow for cleaning of Cemetery.

8. No digging on grave turf allowed for pots or decorations.

9. No fencing, edging or foreign material of any kind allowed on or around grave sites. No live planting of flowers or shrubbery.

10. All statuary and plaques must be on concrete base and limited amount. Authority and location of benches must be decided by Cemetery Board.

11. Any decoration that becomes unsightly, broken or damaged in some way will be removed by Cemetery Personnel.

12. All decorations must be secured in such a manner to keep it from blowing about the Cemetery.

13. Grave sites must be clear of all obstructions for mowing between May 1st and Oct. 1st except for 3 days prior to Memorial Day and 7 days after.

All decorations must be removed before March 1st and clear until May 1st.
All decorations must be removed between October 1st and November 1st.

Village of Tilton Cemetery Committee

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